Help: Full Text

The Full Text page contains the complete text of the article. You can access the Full Text page by clicking on the hyperlinks in the Brief Citations, Table of Contents, or Full Citation pages.

The Full Text page begins with a brief citation which shows the author, article title, publication title and issue details, pagination, and IIBP number. You can use the hyperlinks beside the citation to see the Full Citation and Table of Contents for the article.

The article text follows. If the article has been located by performing a keyword search, occurrences of the keyword are marked by arrow icons, which jump between hits in the text. Go to the first occurrence of the keyword by clicking on the first hit hyperlink immediately beneath the article's brief citation at the top of the page. The arrow at the first hit will jump to the second hit, etc.

Figures, tables, photographs, or other graphics present in the original articles have been included in IIBP FT. Thumbnails, or smaller images, embedded in the article link to the full size image. When captions are provided, they are also hyperlinked to the full size image.