Help: Toolbars

Two toolbars appear on every page: the top toolbar and the right toolbar. The top toolbar displays links to other pages in IIBP FT and changes according to where you are in the database. The right toolbar has buttons to the home page, help contents, about page and search screen and remains the same as you explore IIBP FT. The following table describes all the buttons and links that appear in the toolbars:

Icon Description
Returns to the IIBP FT Home page.
Opens the About page, where you can read general information about IIBP FT.
Clears the Search form allowing you to specify a completely new search.
Opens a list of the full text journal articles in IIBP and allows you to browse issues and articles using the Table of Contents.
Opens the Help Contents page.
Opens the help page for the screen you are using.

Allows you to navigate back and forth between IIBP FTpages.
Allows you to clear the current search screen.
Returns you to the search screen, where your original search terms remain.
Returns you to the Brief Citations.